Sunday, March 11, 2007

Further Proof....

- that boys will be boys
- that cleaning your house is dangerous

I was vacuuming and SnugBug ran toward me unseen and collided with the vacuum - requiring an ER visit and 5 stitches.

And bringing SnugBug's total lifetime stitch count to 21.

He was fabulous - the only time he cried at the hospital was when they wanted to weigh him. The scales must have been scary!

I'm sure his good behavior after that had nothing to do with the little talk we had where I told him that if he could be my super-big, super-brave boy we would go to Wendy's and get a frosty on the way home. (Hey - occasionally bribery is totally called for! )

But - look, he's so proud!

So, it wasn't exactly how I would have preferred to spend my Sunday night.

But, I'm so thankful:
- that it was his eyelid and not his eye
- Punkin was with a friend, and I did not have to take her with us to the hospital
- we have a fabulous hospital close to us with a pediatrician in the ER from 10-10 every day
- SnugBug was so good!

(deep sigh) So, make me feel better and tell me about your child's last stitches.


Heather said...

Okay well we had my brother and his brother here visiting from the city. We decided to take them down to our beautiful Okanagan Lake and enjoy the afternoon in the sun with all 9 kids and us 4 adults. We got to the beach and loaded everyone up with gear to carry down... except for the youngest... she liked to be a "big girl" and carry a bunch of towels too. She was about 5. Well she never wants to wear any footwear, so was barefoot. She was just getting down onto the sand a few paces behind me, when I hear this blood curdling scream. She had stepped on a broken bottle. The top was broken off and it was pointing up - she stepped on it. It stuck into her foot and her first reaction was to yank it out!! YUCK! It pulled the flesh out with it... I could hardly stand to look at it.. fortunately Daddy was right there...We didn't even get our towels laid on the sand and I was off to the clinic with her. The dr. froze her foot then had to cut the excess flesh off....:P Then he stitched it... she screamed and cried almost the whole time.... funny thing is... I think we drove thru for a Frosty on the way home too...her fave! He asked her if she just wanted a little regular bandaid on it or if she wanted the big one... of course she wanted the big one! Her whole foot was wrapped... but I know how you must feel... I found it completely stressful.... Even after it was all said and done... I think it took me several hours to chill out... But thank God that's all it ended up being.... coulda been worse! Hope your little Bug heals up quick! He's a sweetie!!

Heather said...

not "my brother and his brother" ... lolol... brother and his wife + 5 kids!

Penless Thoughts said...

Brave little man. Fortunately we didn't have to have many stitches along the way of raising 4.

Our son David did touch the iron once. Full palm to full hot iron in sit-up position!

Momma Roar said...

We've been fortunate not too need any stitches yet - but I thought some might be needed this weekend. I'll be posting about it soon, hopefully.

The little guy certainly was a trooper!!

Lori B said...

Hi! I read your blog off of Momma Roars site.
I hope you don't mind my commenting.

We have had those kinds of accidents too. We have had to go to the emergency room only once though. My son Derek slipped in the tub and hit his chin on the tub. He split it wide open. He was trying to get around his sister. I felt so bad.

Please feel free to visit my site and comment anytime.

devildogwife said...

What a brave little man. Hey, bribery with Wendy's works for me! ;) Glad he's ok.

Momma Roar said...

So then, I'll be sending in your nomination for Bad Mommy of the Year along with my own??

Heidi Jo said...

No stitches here yet. But with four kids it can only be a matter of time. It will look so manly on him when he's 14!