Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tiny Talk

A few weeks ago, we had an "adventure day." We went geocaching, and afterwords, Punkin wanted to go to a Chinese buffet restaurant - "just like at GrandNan and Grandpa's house." So, we found a Chinese buffet in our GPS and off we went.

We pulled up to the restaurant and Punkin was beside herself with excitement. She read the sign - "Look, Little Man! Super Chinese Buffet! (pronounced buff-it)"
Little Man: "What's a buff-it?"
Punkin: "It's the same thing as a buf-fay."

While eating, she pronounced that the meal was "a scrumptious, affectionary delight."

A little boy talked to the kids at the ice cream machine and told them that the vanilla & chocolate mixed together was the best. When my kids actually got their ice cream, he left his table of all adults and came over and to chat and see what kind they had gotten. Punkin introduced herself, and then asked him how old he was. He said he was 6.
Little Man got very excited. He told the boy, "I'm almost 6. I just have to be five, and then I'll be six."

And, lastly, WeaverDad has a standing joke with fortune cookies. He opens them and then "reads" his fortune slip and says "Help! Help! I'm trapped in Chinese fortune cookie factory."
The kids laughed, so WeaverDad asked them why that was funny. (He was trying to see if they understood his joke.) Punkin says, "Because you pretended that someone was trapped and they wrote a note because they couldn't get out."
Little Man added "and they didn't have a phone."

I love how practical my little people think sometimes. It's hilarious!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Punkin Birthday Fun

My oldest baby is 8. EIGHT! I say this every year, but how does this keep happening?? This has been a huge year of emotional growth for her, and the last couple of months especially. Every day she takes me by surprise how mature she is becoming. I'm so proud of her.

We kept it low-key this year for a birthday celebration - she just had a sleepover with Neighbor Girl. Here are some highlights:

Heading out for some fun:

Punkin's favorite place to eat is at the mall. So, we went, we ate, we bought a boatload of candy at the candy store in lieu of a cake, and we went to Claire's.
We came home and they painted their nails:

Neighbor Girl gave matching P.J.s as a birthday gift. So, here they are in their TinkerBell jammies with their Webkins:
They set up their sleeping bags, and watched a couple of movies. After a gymnastics meet and all the girl-ly fun, I was exhausted and fell sleep before they did, but I think they had a great time.

Sunday, Punkin and I went to tea.
Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

(Ok, so I didn't quite get this finished on Friday! Oops!.... )

1. Despite the blizzard at the end of last week, the weather this week has been gorgeous. I'm sunburned and happy.

2. We are taking a planned break from school this week and next week. I was ready. The kids were ready. We are enjoying some real, live free time. One day, we had friends over and played in the bounce house:

even though there was a little snow left:

3. One of our neighbors is moving and had a yard sale this week. We got Punkin a great bike for super cheap!

4. WeaverDad turned 42 this week - Happy Birthday Hubby!!

5. WeaverDad had a work party this week, and I got to attend. With adults! And no kids! Wow! What a concept! It was super fun!

6. I think I've mentioned before that I have hypothyroidism. I had a check-up recently and she lowered my dose. As just a little background, since the doctors missed the diagnosis for several years (despite having the bloodwork done at least 4 times in college), and the fact that I had 18 months of horror after I quit nursing Little Man, I don't have a ton of faith in just the one number that the doctors love to rely on.

I'm not thrilled with the idea of taking a lower dose. I would really like to have a fun summer with my kids without them hearing, "Mom's just not up for that today" every other minute.

But, since I can't get a prescription for the dose I've been taking without the doctor, I guess I have to try what she says. I really hate that. 'Cause I've had this diagnosis long enough that I really think I could just about adjust my dose based solely on how I feel. If I could get access to the blood test and medicine without her, I totally would just manage it myself.

So, does that make me arrogant? Cheap? Or smart?

7. I've been praying for this little guy this week. (Edited on Monday to add: Looks like there is a possibility he will get to go home soon!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Gymnastics Competition

We didn't expect Punkin to compete today, but she decided she wanted to and she was able to compete on 3 events. Because I thought she wasn't competing today, I only had my point & shoot camera with a video feature so the quality isn't great, but you'll get the idea.

We're so proud of you baby!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Biggest Snowman Ever

... at least at our house.

Snow Day

Do you think Little Man will have his soccer game today? *wink

Out our back door:

Out our front door:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. Tax Day is over. And I am extremely glad. I love my bookkeeping work, but I'm glad for it to slow down just a little bit! How I wish that meant that all of my client's 2008 work was finished. But, alas, some of them know how easy extensions are to get.

2. Little Man turned 5. He is very proud, and had a great birthday.

He got some money & gift cards:
And a cowboy outfit: (Is he not the cutest thing ever?)

And a scooter:

He spent some of his birthday money to buy the scooter. This is the day after he got it, in the garage. I was just a little too late with my camera to get a picture of him washing it with paper towels. I repeat, is he not the cutest thing ever?

(Yes, he is a little miffed with me here. I insisted on taking his picture when he would rather have been riding his scooter.)

3. We went to downtown Denver this week to a rally at the Capitol. I'm so glad we went. It was wonderful to be with others who feel as we do, it was wonderful to participate a little bit in the process, and it felt really good to DO something (even if ultimately useless) instead of sitting home complaining to each other.
4. Here's my biggest laugh this week:

We rode the light rail to the rally. It was a first for our kiddos. Punkin read the rules posted on the train, one of which is "no gambling." She asked what gambling was. WeaverDad told her it was playing cards or other games where everyone puts in some money and whoever wins takes the money. He told her it was risky and a "stupid game."

Her response: "Unless you win."

Well, yeah.

5. We've had some gymnastics saga around here the last 2 weeks. The shortest version I can come up with is that Punkin has been going to the gym 4 hours a week for over a year, and last week she was there for over 10, and this week for 7. They don't feel she is quite ready for the first competition (and Punkin agrees), but they are going to let her get dressed and be with the team anyway. I LOVE her new coaches. I hope to post a picture of her with her team leo & "meet hair." She sure looks like a little gymnast all fixed up!

She's tired, but I'm exhausted! Will someone please explain that to me?

6. I love that this is becoming a very common sight at our house:

7. Little Man is playing soccer. And he LOVES it.

And for those of you who remember this post, you might appreciate this year not only did I somehow manage to go to the wrong place for the first practice, I confused another parent and took them down with me. *evil laugh.