Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ten Things

More tagging! :)
Which is good, because I'm in a little bit of a blogging funk.

Although, I do have to share that I think my little guy needs a new name. He seems to have outgrown SnugBug. So, from now on, SnugBug will be Little Man. It's what we really call him so it only seems fitting.

ANYWAY, Tara tagged me so here's my response to her tag:

1. Went to the membership class for my church.
2. Helped with Punkin's Sunday School class.
3. Attended my favorite community event!
4. Worked.
5. Cleaned up.
6. Cooked dinner.
7. Researched math curriculums.
8. Took a nap.
9. Went out to eat! (Yay!)
10. Watched TV.
(Don't you wish you had my weekend? ha ha)

9 things on my agenda this week:
1. Work
2. Clean up
3. Choose new math curriculum.
4. Make Thanksgiving meal.
5. Take Thanksgiving day and Friday OFF - no working allowed.
6. Make a Christmas gift for my grandma.
7. Change out the kid's clothes in their closets.
8. Christmas card pictures.
9. Put up Christmas tree.

8 shows I've watched (last week):
I don't watch enough TV to do last week, so I'll just have to do 8 shows I've watched recently.
1. Corner Gas
2. Good Eats
3. How It's Made
4. Dr. Phil
5. Funniest Home Videos
6. Whatever is on Food Network when I'm getting ready for bed
7. Samantha Who?
8. SuperWHY

7 things I cooked last week:
1. Pork Chops
2. Tacos
3. Tilapia
4. Vegetable broth
5. Chicken Nuggets
6. Oatmeal
7. Beef & Noodle Casserole (well, to be honest, dh cooked that...)

6 things I read this week
1. My bible
2. 31 Days of Praise by Ruth Myers
3. Daniel by Beth Moore
4. Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George
5. Family Circle magazine
6. Family Fun magazine

5 Reasons to be happy today
1. My dh has a 4 day weekend
2. I get some time off this weekend.
3. I have 2 beautiful children
4. My business is going well and I have a fabulous employee
5. I love the internet!

4 things I need to buy:
1. Mayo
2. grape candy or gum
3. gummy fish
4. bread

3 people I saw this weekend:
1. My friend Rebekah's new little boy from China!
2. My pastor
3. Lots of friends at the community event

2 things I am thankful for right now:
1. I'm not traveling for Thanksgiving.
2. My family.

One Final Thought:
This is from one of the prayers in 31 Days of Praise. I have been pondering this sentence for days - I'm both humbled and completely joyous over it.
"Thank You that You will never be disillusioned with me, for You already know all about me: past, present and future."

If you haven't done this yet, consider yourself tagged! (If you do it, please let me know.)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

7 Random

I got tagged almost a month ago by Tara to do the 7 Random Things about me meme - better late than never, right?

Here's the deal:
7 Random Facts I must post.So read them, comment on them & if you haven't done this meme and would like to - consider yourself tagged!

1. I really dislike wearing shoes. When I was young, I would say I was going to be president so that I could outlaw them. :)
2. I have always wanted children.
3. I wish I could play the piano.
4. I talk to my mom on the phone almost every day.
5. I'm very sensitive to caffeine - I use it like a drug for road trips, late nights, and events where I need to be very "up", such as parties with lots of people I don't know.
6. When I was college, I slept from from 2-6am and 2-6pm. That is my natural body rhythm and I hope the day comes when I can do that again.
7. My 2 favorite meals are (1) filet mignon and creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes; and (2) peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Monday, November 12, 2007


As we were driving home from Awana this week, my jokester husband was teasing Punkin (who, by the way, loves it when he is silly with her like this.) The conversation went a little like this:

WeaverDad: Do frogs have legs?
Punkin: Yes
WD: Do you have legs?
P: Yes
WD: Then you must be a frog!
P: I am not a frog!
WD: But, you have legs - you must be a frog!
P: I am NOT a frog.
(About here is when I quit wondering why the bible verse says "Fathers, do not exasperate your children.")
WD: Birds have legs - you must be a bird then.
P: Birds don't have legs! They have sticks!


I might have mentioned that we stay a little busy. One of my strategies for fitting it all in is for SnugBug and I to bring groceries home and put them away while Punkin is at gymnastics class. Punkin has been riding way in the back of the mini-van, and SnugBug rides behind me. This past week, he fell asleep on the way to drop her off for her class, so he slept through us dropping her off and he slept all the way home.

As I was getting the last bag of groceries from the car, he woke up. I told him that I was going to unload the groceries and asked if he would like to get out or just stay put because we had to go back and get sister. He sleepily said that he would just wait in the van.

As I'm putting away groceries, I hear him crying. I went out and asked, "Did you change your mind? Would you like to get out?"

"NO," he screams at me. "I'm mad 'cause Sister is ignoring me. She won't talk to me!"

"Sweetie, she's at gymnastics. She's not back there."

"Oh." *sniff, sniff*

For more funny things kids say, check out Tiny Talk Tuesday at Not Before 7.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Through the years:


Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I have some misgiving about it, and I don't care for the constant begging for candy that comes in the days following it.

But, we had so much fun last night. Singer Girl and her dad came over and trick-or-treated with us and the girls had a great time. They were running from house to house. (I loved that the time change had not happened yet and it was still light!)

I have to admit that I do love to hand out candy. I love that everyone is out on the streets and the neighbors come over. Punkin and SnugBug would race to the front door to give out candy. I hadn't planned it this way, but I had gotten 2 types of candy, and Punkin put them in separate baskets. So, they worked it out where they were each in charge of giving out candy from one of the baskets. Note to self: do this again!

WeaverDad thought our little Ariel looked a lot like a character from a movie called Fifth Element. I've never seen it, but here is the proof:

Spooky, isn't it?