Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advent Stockings

I've tried various Advent ideas with the kids since they were tiny. Typically, I have overestimated their attention span, or the amount of time I have to organize and execute things. For example, one year I thought we would do a craft every day. One year, a Christmas book a night.

Um, ... yeah. Great ideas!, but not realistic for a homeschooling mom with a business where December and January are the busiest months.

I think I've finally found an advent activity that works for us!

I found the advent countdown list at Danielle's Place a few years ago. (The link is here, and the advent countdown is toward the bottom of the page.) I thought it was fantastic - it has an object idea for each day. The objects are mostly simple things - a quarter, a little bag of goldfish, heart sticker, part of a map, etc.. Then, there is a bible passage about Jesus that relates to the object. The passages are short enough that Punkin can read them.

I saw little stockings at the craft store last year and thought they would be perfect for the objects from the list.

So, here's how they turned out:
Aren't they cute? There is one stocking for each day in December and the kids love to take them down and see what is inside.

Do you have an advent idea that works for your family?

Christmas Lights

If the snow doesn't prevent it, we are going to look at Christmas lights tonight. I love seeing how everyone decorates!

I think WeaverDad does a fantastic job with our outside lights.

Can you see Santa in the helicopter? Since WeaverDad likes to fly remote control helicopters, we thought this decoration was particularly appropriate for us! The blades spin and Santa has a big bag of toys in the back.
Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

You'd think by now...

You'd think by now I would understand boys at least a little. As my Little Man gets older, I realize I understand them even less than I thought I did.

But he sure is fun.

And he sure loves his new mohawk:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Because of the constant begging, anyone at our house would believe that we are LATE, Itellyou LATE getting the tree up, when, in fact, it is barely December. However, today, we did get our tree up, lights on, and ornaments on - all in one day.

The tree:

The lights:
The ornaments:
Ta-da!! I was totally amazed.

Even MORE amazing, there was not one squabble while putting the ornaments up. I unpacked the box and the kids hung them on the tree. Little Man was quite disappointed when we finished. "Aren't there any more to hang up Mommy?" Quite honestly, it was idyllic.

I've decided 8 and 5 might be the perfect ages.