Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Days of Summer

Hi! Remember me? Wondering if I still remember how to blog? Me, too! Let's find out!

We had a great summer filled with days of sunshine, a camping trip, lots of trips to the pool, more weeding than usual in Colorado due to more rain than usual, and getting ready for Punkin's first day at "regular" school.

The week before school started we went to one of those cheesy family fun places and had a great day. We actually planned to go for Little Man's fourth birthday and it was rained out. We've been promising that "someday" we would go, and someday finally arrived. Two and a half years later, but who's counting??

The cheesy family fun place is all about race cars. For some reason this trip required a mohawk. A green mohawk. Seems it was inspired by a monster truck driver. I figured a cheesy family fun place that is all about race cars was a much better place to go sporting a green mohawk than say .... church, so Dad painted up the mohawk

and off we went.
The racecars were as fun as he dreamed they would be:

And girl child had a great time too. Love this face of pure joy.
And cooling off by squirting each other with water was big fun too.

The carefree days of childhood summers. The. best.