Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1099s complete!

Likely no one (well, no one who isn't an accountant or bookkeeper) will be nearly as excited as I am about this - but my 1099s are done and mailed! Hallelujah!

We also finished our unit on money today! We have a field trip scheduled to the U.S. Mint and it looks like we are going to be able to sneak it in between snowstorms. It will be a drive for us, but I'm excited about this trip because I have never been, and Punkin seems excited too. She said today that maybe they will give us a couple of dollars to bring home. I explained that likely would not happen, but I don't think she is convinced.

If you haven't checked out Noah's site yet, today would be a great day. There are some breathtaking pictures of him and his mommy on his last day on earth. They will move you to tears, but his parents amazing faith in God's plan is beautiful to witness, and very convicting in the best possible way.


Anonymous said...

Good Job! That must be an awesome feeling to be done with all of that! I love your blog, it is a great idea for the extended family! Hope you have a wonderful day, I will check back in after things calm down! :) Wendy

Sarah said...

My husband is a CPA, and the bookkeepers at his firm are rejoicing that the 1099s are done! This time of year is a very difficult time of year in our house.