Sunday, February 4, 2007

Car Shoes for SnugBug

Ok - we're usually anti-"let our children be free advertising for you" people - but....

Punkin had Awana Club early today so that the men, in particular, that help lead the Club could be home for the Super Bowl. So, SnugBug and I hit the outlet mall in search of new shoes for both of us.

I fell prey to allowing Disney to market to my child when SnugBug picks out one of these shoes 3 sizes too big, puts it on all by himself, looks up at me with those big beautiful eyes and says, "Mommy, we take these my house, peass?"

I mean, seriously, who could resist that?? I was proud of myself for insisting we get the correct size!


Mom In Action said...

I don't usually go for all the character and ad stuff either, but those shoes are really, really cute. Just may have to find Jr. a pair!

devildogwife said...

Ok, I have to admit -- those are too cute. And yes, I too have fallen prey to those adorable eyes and the puleeeeze.