Friday, February 2, 2007

Mischief Boy strikes again

For several weeks, SnugBug has been able to turn on the light in his bedroom. It had struck me how big he is getting and that he's just not a baby anymore. (sniff, sniff) Also, that this skill is ... well, rather annoying when he should be sleeping. Today I discovered his little secret - his air purifier.
Air purifier, you say? What has this to do with light switches?

I emerged from my bedroom this morning and what do I see? My SnugBug unplugging his air purifier so he can lay it down flat and STAND on it to give him the extra few inches he needs to reach his light switch. I'm not sure what concerns me most: (1)the guilty look he gave me that tells me he knew he really should not be doing this, (2) the inventiveness this demonstrates given that he is not yet 3 years old, OR (3) that he has been faithfully plugging it back in so he has not gotten caught before this.

I'm gonna have to go with number 3, I think. What am I going to do that boy?


Momma Roar said...
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Momma Roar said...

Uh oh - we must think of some positive ways to channel this creativity :-)

Heidi Jo said...

You take that and he'll find a new way. It's partly the boy in him. I swear that God 'gave' us our first daughter quickly after having our firstborn, a boy, because had we had time to think it overly rationally we would have stopped. ;-)
Did we connect through Katie?

Jennifer Pendley said...

Thanks for the info on my blog! I am going to try the water bottle thing. Yes, we are devote christians and I will have to try that Veggie Tale movie. Maybe that will help! I had to laught at the air purifier that your son was using! I think I would just put a step stool there since he is determined to turn his light on! Much safer too! Boys will be boys as I am learning with mine. I have a daughter who is 6 years old and I love the difference I experience with having one of each! Cherish the moments because all too soon they are gone!

devildogwife said...

When my daughter was little, we use to put the candy on top of the fridge. Well, she figured out a way to push a chair over to the counter, put something on the chair to climb up to the counter, pushed something else up onto the counter to climb up to the top of the fridge!!! Needless to say, we stopped putting goodies on top of the fridge. Kids are amazing (and scary).