Monday, March 5, 2007


Saturday dinner conversation:

Punkin, while eating a chicken leg: Why is chicken so full of chicken?
Me: Well, that's what chicken is - chicken.
Punkin: You mean this is a DEAD CHICKEN??
Me: (much later after her dad and I finally stop laughing): Um.... yes.
Punkin (throwing her chicken leg on the table): Gross! I'm never eating chicken again!

(We did explain that God gave us animals for us to use responsibly. We had left-over chicken for lunch Sunday and there was no comment - so I'm guessing this was a short-lived trauma.)


Penless Thoughts said...

Several years ago we took our granddaughter, Oksana, with us to an outdoor gospel singing. We thought it would be fun to pick up KFC and take it to the park prior to the program. Oksana said "This chicken has bones in it!!!" She had been raised on chicken fingers and strips. She just turned 12 and I don't think she or Aric, (8) has ever eaten chicken with bones!!
I remember when our kids would fuss over who got the legs!!!

~ Amy ~ said...

That is soooo funny and so understandable. I remember when my kids realized they were eating a cow. It was about the same conversation and just as funny.