Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, I think I've warped her. Not that I'm surprised by this. It was only a matter of time, right? ALL parents warp their children in one way or another.

I'm just wondering if it's fair to strangle a child over something that you probably started. :)

I'm a planner. I mean, let's face it - I have two children, I homeschool, I have a business, I have a husband that works a lot, I have a house, and I have no family close by. I have a six-week meal plan, a cleaning plan, a routine for every day of the week, I only go to the grocery once a week, and I keep a very detailed to-do list. Our daily routine is basically the same (hey - it works! Why mess with it??)

I know - it's a sickness. :) But, organization is not really a choice - I'm either organized or I drown. Sometimes I drown anyway. (And I did recently hire a cleaning company for every so often) But, that's a post for another day.

The POINT is: I've passed the hyper-plan habit down to my poor little 6 year old.

Here's some evidence:
We went yard-saling recently. I gave each child a certain amount of money, set aside the entire morning, and said we were just going to drive around and go to the sales we thought were interesting.

Punkin: "So, Mom, first we are going to go that way and then this way?"
Me: "No, we aren't going to plan it all out. We are going to be spontaneous and just decide which one to go to one at a time."

5 minutes later:
Punkin: "So, we're going to go on this street and then go look on that street."
Me: "No, we'll find one that looks interesting and then we'll decide what to do. It's an adventure!"

5 minutes later:
Punkin: "So, how do we decide when we are done?"
Me: "Are you ready to go home?"
Punkin: "NO, I still have some money left!"
Me: "Then we aren't going to worry about it. We are just going to drive around until we get tired."

You get the idea.

And the remarkably scary thing is that sometimes she is better at it than I am. Especially when figuring out how to fit it all in and still go to the pool is involved.

"Well, Mom, you could go do your work now, then fix us lunch, then we could watch TV,...... "


~Ginger said...

Yes, it's all your fault! I did the same thing to my firstborn, hehe. She is now married and when we went to visit at her home she had sticky notes on each remote control just to make sure we didn't mess anything up on her coffee table.
Trust me, you need to stop the insanity now :)

Momma Roar said...

The weavermom is now the plannermom - maybe your should change your blog name to Learning to Plan! hee hee

I am doing the same thing to my oldest! Maybe Ginger can give us tips on how to stop the insanity!

dcrmom said...

Or Learning NOT to Plan. ;-) She'll be a very responsible adult, at least! :-)

Heidi Jo said...

that's hilarious!

btw- if i give you our activities, and basic schedules could you hook me up with some organizational skills like yours! dang, life would be so much better if i knew what was going to happen before it happened!