Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm not bigger

The scene: WeaverDad, SnugBug and I snuggled in the bed enjoying the lazy morning.

Me: SnugBug has had one of those nights where he just wakes up bigger. Are you feeding him growing pills when I'm not looking?
WeaverDad: No, are you blinking when I'm not looking?
SnugBug (lifting up his shirt and looking at his tummy): I'M not bigger!

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Heather K said...

Hey thanks for dropping by! Your snugbug says the cutest things!!!
If you want to add a picture---they put up NEW step by step SIMPLE instructions on how to do it. Believe me--if I can figure it out YOU can too!! go to your profile and click the link beside "Photo URL" then follow the simple instructions...
good luck if you decide to do it!