Wednesday, August 15, 2007

O'Keefe quote

Does this quote make you laugh?

"I hate flowers. I paint them because they are cheaper than models and they don't move." Georgia O'Keefe


Penless Thoughts said...

No it makes me cry. O'Keefe is from the area in NM where I grew up. It is sad that she could not see the beauty in people.

Momma Roar said...

At first I chuckled a little, but after thinking about it, I became sad that she can't find the beauty in flowers (or the people, like Susan mentioned). God gave her such a gift and she can't even enjoy His creation - His inspiration for her.

Michelle said...

I wonder if she was being facetious? When I read it, that was my first thought. That's why I laughed. But then I have a facetious side to me.

She is one of the artists I want the children to study this year in school. Maybe we will find out more about her personality and if she was really a flower hater. I'll let you know.