Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alpaca Farm Day

We are studying Moses's "escape" to Midian and learning about how he became a shepherd. The unit that goes along with this story is about sheep & mammals.

I have to share this "God thing" with you. One of the suggested field trips was to visit a sheep farm. Now, this sounded like fun to me - but I had no idea how one goes about finding a sheep farm that would love to have a 6 and 3 yr old on their farm asking questions. And touching everything!

This past week, I emailed a friend from the Weaver list who has a"regular" farm and asked her - how would I find a sheep farm close to me? She contacted a friend of hers who is active in a spinner and weaver group - and guess what? This past weekend was Alpaca Farm Days! This is one weekend where alpaca farms all over the state open their ranches to whoever wants to come check it out.

So went went on a field trip to Lone Eagle Alapaca Farm. It was perfect! And wasn't it nice of God to start planning this awesome field trip for us WAY ahead of time? *wink*

I took Punkin and a friend of hers - let's call her Singer (she loves to sing and she's very gifted at it), and of course SnugBug. It was fascinating! There were several farms represented at this farm, so there were lots of alpacas. There was a baby cria (I learned a new word!) who had just been born the night before - she was adorable! She was in a stall in the barn, and the kids "ooo-ed" over her, and the mommy got between them and the baby and laid her ears back - she was being very protective and such a good mommy.

Can you believe I forgot my camera???? Grrr. :)

We learned about how they use alpaca fiber - it is softer and does not have lanolin as sheep's wool does, so it is naturally hypoallergenic. One lady had her "carder" there that they use to make all the fibers go in the same direction. She also had a spinning wheel and showed the kids how she made yarn from the fibers. Punkin and Singer soaked it up.

There were brownies there and that was SnugBug's favorite part. :)

I met a nice couple who has homeschoolers to their farm regularly and shows them all the steps from the animal to the sweater. She was so nice and taught me so much.

I may just have to have an alpaca farm someday. WeaverDad is vetoing that idea, but ..... man, were they cute! And everyone was so nice and friendly. We had a great day.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh fun!!! They had been advertising that Alpaca Day here on our TV. There is a home, on the way to our daughter, Suzette's, home that has Alpaca. We always enjoy seeing them standing there. I've always thought they were so cute. I've never seen a sweater, etc. made from Alpaca yarn but I knew they did. Was it softer? For some reason it looks it to me.

See I KNEW I should be in your home school :o)

Michelle said...

WeaverDad and The King should get together. I have been trying to talk my hubby into getting Alpaca's for a few years. I always get the "Are you crazy?" look. (I think the price tag has something to do with the look.)

We went to our Alpaca days last year. My kids and I were smitten. I love it when they hum....I think they are one of God's more amazing creatures.

Tracy said...

God has done this for us again and again! Isn't it awesome to know that he cares about all of the details?

Heather K said...

that sounds like SO much fun!!! We love farms! I don't think I told you yet but I brought our youngest daughter Janelle, home from school last week and am homeschooling her now! I'm should be fun.

Momma Roar said...

That is so awesome how it came together for you!

I have alpaca ski socks!

We have our town's Farm Show next week and a local farm always has their alpacas there - Quintin was scared of them a few years ago - wonder what he'll be like this year. I don't think he minded them last year! They kind of grunted at him and it made him scared (and me too!)

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

When my oldest was in kindergarten she visited a sheep farm. She also fell in the sheep dodo. She came home with her coat in a bag and a big note pinned to it saying, "Time to Shout it Out!" Poor Lindsey! No more sheep farms for my kids. After that we stuck to regular barns with cows and baby chicks.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

How great is that? Sounds like it was a great trip!

Heidi Jo said...

what a cool experience!

Anonymous said...

Wow You have to know there IS a God when you look at one of those amazing creatures!


Lori said...

Sounds like a fun field trip.
I've forgotten my camera lately too when going to events that I would've taken pictures too. I agree GRRR

Sincerely Anna said...

That does sound like a great day. The timing was perfect! I love it when things work out like that.