Friday, December 21, 2007

Grandparent Trip

Well, I've been a little scarce! Thanks to those who missed me - it's nice to be missed. :)

The kids and I went on a trip to visit grandparents. I told WeaverDad that I'm not quite sure what it says about my life that it was relaxing to travel 8 days with 2 kids by myself - but it was. The grandparents and cousins absorbed some of their energy, and I didn't have to cook, clean, work or homeschool the entire time we were away. Even with the travel, it was relaxing!

It's been almost a year since we flew back to the South. As hope to those of you with younger kids - wow, does it get easier!! No diapers, no strollers, no car seats on the plane - they traveled liked pros. And, can I just mention that I LOVE Frontier? The little TVs with Direct TV are right up there with Post-it notes in my opinion.

So, here are the pictures:

First, we went to my side of the family, where the kids had fun running with Grandpa and their greyhound, Oreo:And drawing (A LOT!):

And seeing one of my best high school friends and her children. It's pretty amazing to see the next generation together.
It makes a girl sleepy:
And a boy so tuckered out he has to sleep on his shoes with the dog on the dog bed:
Here they are with my Grandma. Doesn't she look great?