Saturday, April 5, 2008

How did this happen?


My Little Man.... is 4!

He's my April Fool's Day baby, and I think it suits him. He loves to make people laugh.

I remember once when he was maybe 9 or 10 months old, we were in a hurry at lunchtime and drove through at McDonalds and sat in the car to eat. Punkin was in the rider's seat, and Little Man was sitting in my lap. He lost his balance a little and hit his head on the window. He began to cry - but Punkin laughed. He immediately stopped crying and did it again!

A more recent memory I have is of him trying to get the idea of a "knock-knock" joke. Punkin was in the phase of learning them, and she loved to tell the banana one that ended with "orange" and "Aren't you glad I didn't say banana?"

He didn't quite get why that was funny, but he got that people laughed. He would say:
"Who's there?"
"Banana who?"

It was so funny that we couldn't help but laugh, so he told it over and over.

The years have flown. WeaverDad keeps telling me to stop blinking. Some days, I wish I could.

Happy Birthday, my Little Man!


Penless Thoughts said...


Momma Roar said...

He's such a cutie - I hope he had a great day!!

Tracy said...

He's adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the first picture.

Wow, my second was born in 1985 and it really seems just like yesterday. Enjoy every moment with your little man.

Just Mom said...


Happy Birthday, Little Man.

Michelle said...

When you figure out how to slow them down, let me know.

He's sweet. I love the knock knock joke.