Friday, May 2, 2008

More Little Man moments

Today's "deep thoughts" from Little Man

LM: Mom, are bad guys real?
Me: Yes.
LM: Who are the bad guys? Policeman and stuff like that?
Me: No. Policemen are the good guys. They try to protect us from the bad guys.
LM: But, they have guns and swords.
Me: Yes, but the bad guys want to hurt us. The policemen have guns so they can protect us from the bad guys.
LM: (silence) OOhh, so the guns and swords don't want to hurt us?

WeaverDad is so proud that his 4-year old gets that the guns and swords aren't what hurts us - it's the bad guys.


devildogwife said...

Some adults don't get that concept. lol! Good job, little man.

Brandi said...

I really should get over here more often.

It's crazy, either my kids really didn't get into the why stage, or I take the questions in stride. I guess if I really paid attention I could come up with quite a few times when I have stopped to explain things or send a kid to look them up. I'll have to make a point of listening for and noting the whys this week.