Sunday, August 17, 2008

Notice what's missing?

Do you see what's missing?
Here's another hint: Daddy had to help.

Yep. You guessed it! No more training wheels! WeaverDad took the training wheels off and away he went. On his 10th day without the training wheels, he was doing little wheelies. Every day, it takes him less than 10 minutes upon waking to say, "Can we go outside and ride bikes?"

So proud of himself!
Now if he could get up to 40 pounds so he can be out of the 5 point car seat and into a booster, he would feel that his big boy transition is complete. He's got 4 pounds to go, and weighs himself almost daily. Gotta love that sweet, crazy kid! :)


Anonymous said...

Such a huge milestone and one worth being so proud of!

Great job!!

~Just a Thought Ginger

devildogwife said...

Way to go!!!

Jeanine said...

AW, what a cutie! He must feel like a true big boy now! It is amazing how much freedom they gain when those training wheels are gone. Enjoy!