Sunday, November 30, 2008

I must be getting old

I have a new pet peeve.

More than one background noise.

Is it just me? It seems everywhere we go there is a TV and the radio playing - at the same time. And at restaurants, there is also all the background noise of the other customers. Even if I can physically hear, I can't even concentrate on the conversation at my table because my brain just processes noise.

Does this mean I'm getting hopelessly old? *wink


Penless Thoughts said...

No, it means we live in a constant den of noise and we don't even know how to deal with real silence any more. It really is sad.

Leigh said...

I'm with you! One of my favorite restaurants has live entertainment on Sat. nights. They also have a TV on and the place is about the size of my living room!

Brandon Gibson said...

Isn't that the worst? And my dh has a habit of having one TV on in the den with one show playing and another TV on in the kitchen with something else on!!!

Michelle said...

My noise pet peeve is taking my older two boys shopping at American Eagle or Old Navy. The music is sooooo loud...I just can't drives me nuts!

You could come and spend a day at my house. The background noise of children gets to be a bit much!

Jeanine said...

I completely relate to that one! In fact, there are times when I can't take ANY background noise! I guess the chatter of 4 kids fills my ears to the brim!

Brandi said...

I'll join the club! I have a terrible time focusing when there is a lot of background noise (even when the noise is from my own kids). I don't think it's linked to getting old either. I used to hate it when my English teacher would put music on during tests in H.S.