Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Man's guide to drawing

Little Man's Guide to How to draw a face:

Step 1: Ask your mom or dad if they have a CD you can trace. And a piece of paper you can have. And a pencil too.

Step 2: Trace the outside of the CD.

Step 3: Trace the little hole in the middle of the CD for 2 eyes and a nose.

Step 4: Draw a smile.

Step 5: Draw a few lines for hair.

Step 6: Add a beard.

Step 7: Repeat often. I like to draw 10 to 15 every day.


Kristie said...

Picassa would like that! But I hear he's partial to squares. Cute pic!

Sincerely Anna said...

What a clever and resourceful boy!

Brandi said...

How creative! I laughed when I read this.

Susan said...

The simplicity of a child. Too bad we tend to lose that.

Just Mom said...


Michelle said...

Great tutorial...he may have to write a 'how to draw' book one day!

I like step 7...practice makes perfect:-)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That is so creative! WOW