Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advent Stockings

I've tried various Advent ideas with the kids since they were tiny. Typically, I have overestimated their attention span, or the amount of time I have to organize and execute things. For example, one year I thought we would do a craft every day. One year, a Christmas book a night.

Um, ... yeah. Great ideas!, but not realistic for a homeschooling mom with a business where December and January are the busiest months.

I think I've finally found an advent activity that works for us!

I found the advent countdown list at Danielle's Place a few years ago. (The link is here, and the advent countdown is toward the bottom of the page.) I thought it was fantastic - it has an object idea for each day. The objects are mostly simple things - a quarter, a little bag of goldfish, heart sticker, part of a map, etc.. Then, there is a bible passage about Jesus that relates to the object. The passages are short enough that Punkin can read them.

I saw little stockings at the craft store last year and thought they would be perfect for the objects from the list.

So, here's how they turned out:
Aren't they cute? There is one stocking for each day in December and the kids love to take them down and see what is inside.

Do you have an advent idea that works for your family?


Devildogwife said...

The stockings are such a great idea, and they look very cute hanging up like that. Have fun looking at all of the Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!

Momma Roar said...

The stockings are so cute!!! Love Santa in the helicopter too!!

I love our Advent Nativity set. Each day, we add a piece, it's made of a soft clay and is so kid-friendly. I've never seen another set like it and I can't find it online. The kids love it. We also do the advent calendars. This year's has a verse each day - but they still remember last year's because it would suggest activities which they loved! (read a Christmas book, sing a carol, or watch a movie)

Susan said...

Oh thats adorable. That railing is going to look naked after Christmas!!!

Just Mom said...

I love that idea! Might have to use it next year.

Merry Christmas, Weavermom. :-D

Sincerely Anna said...

So cute! I really want to do this next year!

Merry Christmas WeaverMom and Family!