Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Because of the constant begging, anyone at our house would believe that we are LATE, Itellyou LATE getting the tree up, when, in fact, it is barely December. However, today, we did get our tree up, lights on, and ornaments on - all in one day.

The tree:

The lights:
The ornaments:
Ta-da!! I was totally amazed.

Even MORE amazing, there was not one squabble while putting the ornaments up. I unpacked the box and the kids hung them on the tree. Little Man was quite disappointed when we finished. "Aren't there any more to hang up Mommy?" Quite honestly, it was idyllic.

I've decided 8 and 5 might be the perfect ages.


From a full heart... said...

We put ours up over two days...Sunday and Monday...and I also had that "late" feeling! Time just goes by too fast. Whatever will we do when our little ones no longer put all their ornaments on the same branch?

Susan said...

What a big, beautiful tree.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 35 and 36 are the perfect ages!

Weavermom Mom

Kristy said...

beautiful tree Catherine! I started pulling out decorations the other day but got side tracked. I think we'll try to put our tree up tomorrow night - Saturday. Love you!

Michelle said...

You are way ahead of me! My kids are thoroughly disappointed that our tree is not up yet.

Devildogwife said...

Our tree is up and partially decorated. We really need to finish it up. Glad the tree decorating went well. :) I've decided that the perfect age can vary from day to day or even year to year. ;)

chrissy said...

I like how all the ornaments are hanging on the bottom half of the tree. It looks beautiful and yes, you have beat us to it also. We are trying to figure out where we can put the tree so my son can't get to it.... we're thinking about on top of the TV in the corner of the room.