Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making a volcano

Even though we did this in August (as evidenced by the lack of snow on the ground in these pictures!), it was one of my favorite projects, so I thought I would experiment with adding pictures and tell you about it! :)

Weaver is a unit study, and one of our units was about volcanos. Punkin really got into it, and we spent several days building one. We started with a water bottle in the middle, and duct taped it down so it would stand up straight. Then we paper-mached it - surprisingly, Punkin didn't like that part. She said it was too messy! (Um.. where did my child go? Actually, she was right -it was pretty messy!) So, I let her cut the newspaper strips and boss me around about which pieces to put where. If you know her, you know she was very good at this. :)

I helped with the painting, but she did a lot of it herself. Can't you tell - she's so proud! ;) The green is all her - she said it needed trees, but only up to a certain point because above that the trees don't grow. Not sure when I learned that, but I know it wasn't at age 5! My excuse is I'm a Southern girl, and there are no "tree lines" there.

After we spent 3 days building it, we made it explode with baking soda, vinegar & red food coloring. Pretty, huh?

We made it "explode" twice, and both kids were thrilled both times.

Now, if I can just figure out what to do with it now..... :)

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Tara O'Rourke said...

Great photos and it's wonderful to see you here!!!