Sunday, February 11, 2007


Airplanes are not my absolute favorite things in the world - after traveling with 2 kids twice a year or so, I'm sorry to admit that I'm sort of over it. :) But, Daddy's should get to warp their kids a little bit too and, here's how my boy feels about airplanes:

So, he was so excited that Daddy participated in an remote-control airplane & helicopter show yesterday. Daddy's helicopters are in the front of this picture:

Here's what Daddy went to see: (yes, the helicopter is upside down!)

The kids got to sit in an airplane (a B-57, I think)
And then, Punkin saw the ultimate. She ran to Daddy (you have to say this with as much 5yr old glee as you can muster), "Daddy, Daddy you've just GOT to see this. Come on, come on."

It was R2D2 IN a starfighter. (See him up in the fighter?) I mentioned in an earlier post the their Daddy watched the "scary movie" a.k.a. Stars Wars with them - and they loved it. It was the highlight of Punkin's day, and she cried when we left because she "just wanted to look at the Starfighter a little longer."
They got to sit in the Starfight too. SnugBug loves all the buttons! Punkin is pretending she is actually flying it.

We had such a fun family day. Right, punkin?


Momma Roar said...

Sounds like great fun! I wouldn't have wanted to leave either!

Penless Writer said...

A picture is worth a thousand words!! Joy unspeakable and full of glory.