Friday, February 9, 2007

Quiet Day

Hi, ho. Hi, ho. It's back to school we go.

Punkin's enrichment program started back today. She had a great day and made this beautiful valentine for me and her Daddy. Since we homeschool, it is still a novelty for her to bring home crafts and things for us.

SnugBug and I had an incredible day. It was unbelievably quiet and relaxed! I don't get nearly enough time with just him (or just Punkin for that matter), and I so enjoyed today! We went to Walmart and I made a little picture list for him, and he was such the big boy helping me shop. We came home, had left-over pizza for lunch, snuggled on the couch and watched Curious George, and then he went for his rest time. It felt like a vacation day to me!

His rest time was a little early since I had to pick up Punkin from school, so after I laid him down I heard him in his room playing with his cars. My inner monologue is thinking "wonderful. Tonight will be SO much fun." But, I let him go for a bit, and then I heard him say "I'm getting back in the bed now Mommy." "OK", I say (I mean, what else am I going to say?) Sure enough, I go check in a few minutes and he is sound asleep. What 2 1/2 year old puts himself to bed!?

O, I know, MINE. And I'm going to keep him.

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