Thursday, February 8, 2007

Boy Shannigans

Says SnugBug: Highlights of my day -

1. Throwing Pooh bear over the railing is fun. Even more fun - watching Mommy (from time-out) clean up the water from the flowers Daddy brought her from the table, wall, carpet, ....

2. Pretending to be a "helmet guy" from the "scary movie" (you know, Stars Wars that I watched with Daddy), and shoot sister with a cool pretend laser while making a scarily similar sound effect - just like the scary movie.

3. Going pee-pee in the potty! I big boy now.

4. Having pizza for supper. I asked Mommy why we were having pizza for supper and she said because she was too lazy to cook tonight. I thoughtfully replied, "oh."

5. Snuggling with Mommy on the couch while watching TV. I got really excited and sat up ... then leaned back and accidentally smacked Mommy in the face with the back of my head. Mommy says it still hurts. (Oops - sorry, mommy)

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