Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How I met my hubby

Well, I thought I would join the Valentine's bandwagon and share how I met my hubby. (Sorry those that have already read/ heard this. )

I graduated from college in December 1994 with a degree in Business Management and minor in drama. I had big dreams of being either a wedding coordinator or managing a small/ mid-sized stage theater.

One of my roommates, P, was from Alpharetta, a northern surburb of Atlanta. I went home with her several times and fell in love with Atlanta. I grew up in a small town - and Atlanta was big, thriving, exciting. I loved it.

So, after college, I decided to move to the big city. I had a sorority sister that lived there, and she let me stay with her for quite awhile so I could look for a job. I finally found a job at a bridal store and an apartment I could afford.

Thursday, on the way to my first day of work, I had a car accident. (Welcome to Atlanta!) Everything I owned was in my car, and now the hatchback wouldn't open. :)

That Saturday, my friend that I was staying with had a "hot date" and wanted to cook for her new man (who she ended up marrying) in her one-bedroom apartment, so I needed to not be there.

My pastor in my hometown had 3 kids. One of them lived in Atlanta, and so my pastor's wife told me about this great church I "just had to check out. They have a great singles program, etc... " Well, I wasn't interested in the singles program - my experience with "singles" programs had been very meat-market and I hated it. Plus, I was involved with a guy from college, although our relationship was more than a little strange.

But because of the "hot date", I needed a place to stay so I went down to stay with my pastor's daughter and her husband for one night until I could move into my new apartment the next day. There was a singles dinner that Saturday night, and I felt awkward with the pastor's daughter (I didn't know her really), so I went to the dinner.

In my sock feet.

Because I couldn't get my casual shoes out of my car, because the back wouldn't open.

And that's when I met dh. I knew no one, was technically homeless, had a messed up car, and was sock-footed. Dh was a little intrigued with the shoeless girl. :) As I was with him. :) I got tired and was headed back to go to bed, and he walked me to my car. Noticed the picture of the guy on my dashboard - and basically ignored him. Noticed that I had a lot of stuff in there - and offered to help me move in. Which I gratefully accepted.

So, the next day, Sunday - I went to church at this "'great singles church", dh took me to lunch and then helped me move into my apartment. That took a whopping 2 hours (maybe! - remember everything I owned was in my car and it was a Dodge Neon hatchback), so then we went to the movies.

And we've talked just about every day since. We were an "instant click" sort of thing. I met him in January, officially ended things with college guy in February, we got engaged in October, and married the next March. I was 23.

And no way could we move in 2 hours again!

Here we are in 1999 when we got our digital camera. (This was pre-kids, so I don't think I look much like this anymore - but this is how I think of us!)


Momma Roar said...

Got goosebumps reading it a second time. I'm such a sap for a good love story! I enjoy hearing a couple's 'story.' Thanks for sharing :)

devildogwife said...

That's such a great story. The Lord's hand was definitely in that meeting!

Penless Thoughts said...

Great love story. Isn't God wonderful the way He puts us together. I'm originally from NM and my husband (of 48 years!) is from TN. One of the first questions people ask us is how God put that together. HE did:)