Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today's Top 3 highlights

I'm wiped out tonight, so I'm just hitting the highlights:

1. Gymnastics class - both the kids LOVE it! It is a highlight of our week. Punkin can do a cartwheel on the balance beam now, and SnugBug does an amazing somersault.

2. Our house didn't burn down when Punkin's lamp shorted out this evening. It made her room smell terrible, but I'm extremely grateful that she was in her room when it happened!

3. Kind words from my hubby - aren't they the greatest?


Momma Roar said...

A cartwheel on a balance beam. WOW, I was never able to do them!!! Great job!

~ Amy ~ said...

Yeah, I'm hung up on the cartwheel on the balance beam too. So impressive. Although, the lamp shorting out caught my attention too. But the kind words from your hubby - not so much - I dont even know him so we've never even talked.
Ha Ha!
I know my sense of humor is lame!