Monday, April 16, 2007

Gymnastics with Dad

Tax season has taken its toll - my house is a complete disaster, there are stacks of paper everywhere, "to-do" items everywhere I turn, and I think I'm actually more overwhelmed than when I was focused on just the tax preparations! But, it's over - I refuse to think about the fact that my 2 biggest clients filed extensions. It's time to get back into our routine (you know - actually have school time!), possibly hire a cleaning service to get me back to square one, and figure out how to fit some quality blogging into my daily schedule.

Not sure this qualifies as quality blogging, but it is my late night attempt to post anything that is is original and includes a picture for the grandparents.
WeaverDad had a few days off work last week, and got to go to gymnastics with SnugBug. They both had a great time. It was so cute to see how excited SnugBug was!
(If you look closely you can see Punkin climbing in the background.)


Penless Thoughts said...

Cute pic. Glad you survived and look forward to your blogs.

CrownLaidDown said...

Saw your comment on Boomama's blog. We live in Colorado, too (Monument). Where are you guys? I used to homeschool, but have put it on hold for a while. I did Sonlight (which was great for a book lover!). I look forward to reading your blog! Right now, though, I'm off to nap (while the little ones do!), because I've caught a nasty cold.

Blessings on you,
Holly Smith

Heather said...

Yaaay!! tax season is over!!! Party time at the home of the Weavers!!! Well okay... maybe not quite PARTY time.....maybe more like school time..or maybe a little bit of both.... now would that be happening before or after you get that cleaning lady in?!? I couldn't imagine what my place would look like after that? There are days when I'm tempted to have a cleaning lady in now and i only work one day a week!! (well normally I do)..Anyway congrats on makin' it!
take care Heather
speaking of school.... how's Mr.Body doing??
there's a cute video clip on my blog that your munchkins would enjoy.