Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hammer nicely?

I was talking to a friend one day about the challenges of homeschooling Punkin while still making the time for SnugBug to get the attention he deserves. Our curriculum is hands-on enough that he could do many of the activities with us, but he is such a loner that he usually prefers to just play cars in the floor. Which is wonderful, but sometimes I feel guilty about how much he plays by himself.

She is a former schoolteacher, and she gave me a great idea for a new activity for my "all boy" boy. (I seriously despised this phrase before SnugBug came along - but I am telling you, there is no other description for that boy of mine. But, again, I digress...) She said in her classroom they had a piece of insulation foam, golf tees and a hammer and the kids would pound the golf tees into the foam. It makes a very satisfying sound since golf tees are made of wood. Well, I rightly guessed that SnugBug would LOVE it! And he does! (It's even worth the mess, I tell ya.)

Yesterday morning, WeaverDad and SnugBug were enjoying a rare moment of snuggletime in the morning, when SnugBug gets up.

WeaverDad: Where you going?
SnugBug: To get my hammer.
WeaverDad: Why?
SnugBug: I want to hammer on you - very nicely.
WeaverDad: Um.... NO!

Evidentially, if you are an "all boy" boy, you hammer the things you love.


Anonymous said...

When my Jenna was little, about 5, she used to love to go spend time with my dad. He would let her hammer nails into real wood. She would always say, "I'm going to grandpa's house to pound wood!" She loved it. He also let her put her ice cream in the microwave. They had good times!

I'm so glad she never tried to hammer a real person. Knowing Jenna it would have been just her style, hehe.

weavermom said...

What a fun memory!

I should have said my Punkin loves it too. We got 2 hammers and I'm so glad - cuts down on the bickering around here a LOT I think! :)

Heidi Jo said...

hammer've taught him well!

Penless Thoughts said...

Just catching up on my blog reading and read your last 3. I don't have an IPod but they must be wonderful because everyone seems to love them. The hammer was so "boy" as you say. My youngest, was like that.....loved to just sit quietly and play with his matchbox cars by the hours. Our grandson is the same.

By the way ....loved your comment that my grands could have been 3 & 6!!! Made me smile from ear to ear. You are SOOOO right!!

Angels With A Purpose said...

Thanks for sharing. That is an awesome idea.

I love that your son let weaverdad know that he was going to hammer "Nicely". LOL, kids do say the funniest things. I'm sure you guys had a nice laugh.

God Bless,

Heather K said...

cute story! kids love to bang things!

devildogwife said...

That was too funny!!

Daddy bought munchkin her first real hammer this weekend. She worked on the free projects that we picked up at Lowes.

Stephanie said...

I just laughed so hard that not-so-ladylike things came out of my nose.