Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who taught you to drive?

More Little Man fun:

LM: I could drive mamma.
Me: (thinking - you're four!! I thought I had a few years!) Uh, huh. You could steer, but you have to learn a lot of rules to be able to drive on the road. And you have to be a lot older.
LM: Who taught you to drive?
Me: My mom and dad.
LM: GrandNan and Grandpa?
Me: Yep.

LM: Who taught GrandNan how to drive?
Me: I guess her mom, Mudger. (don't even ask me to explain where that name came from!)

LM: Who taught Mudger to drive?
Me: I don't know - should we call her?
LM: Yes.

So, I call my grandma on the phone and she informs me that her uncle taught her to drive. So, I hang up and tell Little Man.

(long pause)
LM: Who taught her uncle to drive?

*sigh* *giggle*


Just Mom said...


Gotta love how inquisitive children are.

Penless Thoughts said...

I love it that he cares about the history of things like that! To answer your comment about my Fruit of the Spirit rocks.....all but one are ones we picked up in our travels. I love rocks!!! Wish I could remember the places they are all from. I tried marking them but they've lost their tags!!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Ah...the never ending questions :)