Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tornado sighting excitement

The kids and I were on a bike ride around the trail that goes behind our home, when one of my neighbors yells, "Hey, WeaverMom, see the tornado?!"

See the what?? It wasn't even stormy!

But, there it was:
We were far enough way that we were able to watch it for awhile. It was fascinating! I wasn't sure if we should be outside watching it to see if it came toward us, or if we should be inside hiding. The kids and I did come inside and go to the basement for about 10 minutes when it passed the closest to us. But, it went another direction, and no one was injured there, thankfully.

I never thought I would see a tornado!


Momma Roar said...

That is such a cool picture. Viewing it on here is one thing, but seeing it pass too quickly to the house, is another...yikes!

Just Mom said...

Do your neighbors really call you "WeaverMom"? ;-D

Cool shot. I've seen tornadoes up close before (well, not too close, but close enough. I'd prefer tonot see one again.

Brandi said...

That's neat! I'm glad you are all safe.

I've always wanted to see a tornado in person. I know it's strange. I'm super conscious about safety though. A crazy long list of need to dos runs through my head every time there is a warning or watch in our area. I really hope we never need to go to the basement (our dungeon). Our house was built in 1871 and would probably collapse, or be picked up and relocated to a billion different places in a tornado.