Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tiny Talk

A few weeks ago, we had an "adventure day." We went geocaching, and afterwords, Punkin wanted to go to a Chinese buffet restaurant - "just like at GrandNan and Grandpa's house." So, we found a Chinese buffet in our GPS and off we went.

We pulled up to the restaurant and Punkin was beside herself with excitement. She read the sign - "Look, Little Man! Super Chinese Buffet! (pronounced buff-it)"
Little Man: "What's a buff-it?"
Punkin: "It's the same thing as a buf-fay."

While eating, she pronounced that the meal was "a scrumptious, affectionary delight."

A little boy talked to the kids at the ice cream machine and told them that the vanilla & chocolate mixed together was the best. When my kids actually got their ice cream, he left his table of all adults and came over and to chat and see what kind they had gotten. Punkin introduced herself, and then asked him how old he was. He said he was 6.
Little Man got very excited. He told the boy, "I'm almost 6. I just have to be five, and then I'll be six."

And, lastly, WeaverDad has a standing joke with fortune cookies. He opens them and then "reads" his fortune slip and says "Help! Help! I'm trapped in Chinese fortune cookie factory."
The kids laughed, so WeaverDad asked them why that was funny. (He was trying to see if they understood his joke.) Punkin says, "Because you pretended that someone was trapped and they wrote a note because they couldn't get out."
Little Man added "and they didn't have a phone."

I love how practical my little people think sometimes. It's hilarious!

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Sincerely Anna said...

Those are a riot! Glad to see you're back in Bloggyville - I've missed your posts. Hope you're enjoying the 2 week break from homeschool.

Momma Roar said...

Too cute!! Love the buff-it! ;-)

I once had a similar message scrolling on the marquee option of screensavers on my computer back when I taught. LOL!! Great minds think alike! ;-)

Just Mom said...


Oh my gosh, they are too funny!

Kristie said...

Such cute comments from your kids! What a fun read.

Kristy said...

These made me laugh! Tell punkin that I love Chinese buffet too! Soon she'll be making that Joe Brand joke about buffeting our body as Paul said. :-)

Michelle said...