Monday, April 27, 2009

Punkin Birthday Fun

My oldest baby is 8. EIGHT! I say this every year, but how does this keep happening?? This has been a huge year of emotional growth for her, and the last couple of months especially. Every day she takes me by surprise how mature she is becoming. I'm so proud of her.

We kept it low-key this year for a birthday celebration - she just had a sleepover with Neighbor Girl. Here are some highlights:

Heading out for some fun:

Punkin's favorite place to eat is at the mall. So, we went, we ate, we bought a boatload of candy at the candy store in lieu of a cake, and we went to Claire's.
We came home and they painted their nails:

Neighbor Girl gave matching P.J.s as a birthday gift. So, here they are in their TinkerBell jammies with their Webkins:
They set up their sleeping bags, and watched a couple of movies. After a gymnastics meet and all the girl-ly fun, I was exhausted and fell sleep before they did, but I think they had a great time.

Sunday, Punkin and I went to tea.
Happy Birthday!!!


Susan said...

Love the matching P.J.'s what a cute gift. I'll bet the Tea Time was very special. Great pictures. Her hair up looks really cute.

Just Mom said...

Those two are too cute.

Happy 8th Birthday, Punkin.

Sincerely Anna said...

Low-key birthday parties are the best, in my opinion. I can't believe she's 8, either. That means it's been 2 years of reading your blog! Happy Birthday from Maryland!

Momma Roar said...

Happy Birthday Punkin! I agree with Susan, the matching pjs were such a great gift!

Love all the pictures!!

Michelle said...

I love the pajamas. That's a great idea for a friend!

Happy Birthday Punkin!

(By the way, we may be visiting your great state in June for my niece's baptism...maybe this time we could get together!)

Kristy said...

happy belated birthday! I'll bet that tea was wonderful. What a great memory. I like the hair up too. It gives her a different look. You guys look so happy!