Thursday, April 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. Tax Day is over. And I am extremely glad. I love my bookkeeping work, but I'm glad for it to slow down just a little bit! How I wish that meant that all of my client's 2008 work was finished. But, alas, some of them know how easy extensions are to get.

2. Little Man turned 5. He is very proud, and had a great birthday.

He got some money & gift cards:
And a cowboy outfit: (Is he not the cutest thing ever?)

And a scooter:

He spent some of his birthday money to buy the scooter. This is the day after he got it, in the garage. I was just a little too late with my camera to get a picture of him washing it with paper towels. I repeat, is he not the cutest thing ever?

(Yes, he is a little miffed with me here. I insisted on taking his picture when he would rather have been riding his scooter.)

3. We went to downtown Denver this week to a rally at the Capitol. I'm so glad we went. It was wonderful to be with others who feel as we do, it was wonderful to participate a little bit in the process, and it felt really good to DO something (even if ultimately useless) instead of sitting home complaining to each other.
4. Here's my biggest laugh this week:

We rode the light rail to the rally. It was a first for our kiddos. Punkin read the rules posted on the train, one of which is "no gambling." She asked what gambling was. WeaverDad told her it was playing cards or other games where everyone puts in some money and whoever wins takes the money. He told her it was risky and a "stupid game."

Her response: "Unless you win."

Well, yeah.

5. We've had some gymnastics saga around here the last 2 weeks. The shortest version I can come up with is that Punkin has been going to the gym 4 hours a week for over a year, and last week she was there for over 10, and this week for 7. They don't feel she is quite ready for the first competition (and Punkin agrees), but they are going to let her get dressed and be with the team anyway. I LOVE her new coaches. I hope to post a picture of her with her team leo & "meet hair." She sure looks like a little gymnast all fixed up!

She's tired, but I'm exhausted! Will someone please explain that to me?

6. I love that this is becoming a very common sight at our house:

7. Little Man is playing soccer. And he LOVES it.

And for those of you who remember this post, you might appreciate this year not only did I somehow manage to go to the wrong place for the first practice, I confused another parent and took them down with me. *evil laugh.



Momma Roar said...

Oh my goodness, Little Man is soon going to need another name change - he looks like such a big guy!!!

Love seeing the kiddos with books in their hands.

How did I miss that soccer post?? Yikes!! It would have been crucial had it not be for the wonderful man I'm married to that is willing to take his oldest and show him the ropes. Although, he did go to the wrong field the first night of pratice and I knew which one...but he was thinking of the field where he used to play as a kid! :-D

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, as always--

Weavermom Mom

Kristie said...

Punkin seems to see the way the world really works in such a profound way! I love it!

And Little Man does look very cute!

Catherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! We love Amelia Bedelia around here too!