Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

(Ok, so I didn't quite get this finished on Friday! Oops!.... )

1. Despite the blizzard at the end of last week, the weather this week has been gorgeous. I'm sunburned and happy.

2. We are taking a planned break from school this week and next week. I was ready. The kids were ready. We are enjoying some real, live free time. One day, we had friends over and played in the bounce house:

even though there was a little snow left:

3. One of our neighbors is moving and had a yard sale this week. We got Punkin a great bike for super cheap!

4. WeaverDad turned 42 this week - Happy Birthday Hubby!!

5. WeaverDad had a work party this week, and I got to attend. With adults! And no kids! Wow! What a concept! It was super fun!

6. I think I've mentioned before that I have hypothyroidism. I had a check-up recently and she lowered my dose. As just a little background, since the doctors missed the diagnosis for several years (despite having the bloodwork done at least 4 times in college), and the fact that I had 18 months of horror after I quit nursing Little Man, I don't have a ton of faith in just the one number that the doctors love to rely on.

I'm not thrilled with the idea of taking a lower dose. I would really like to have a fun summer with my kids without them hearing, "Mom's just not up for that today" every other minute.

But, since I can't get a prescription for the dose I've been taking without the doctor, I guess I have to try what she says. I really hate that. 'Cause I've had this diagnosis long enough that I really think I could just about adjust my dose based solely on how I feel. If I could get access to the blood test and medicine without her, I totally would just manage it myself.

So, does that make me arrogant? Cheap? Or smart?

7. I've been praying for this little guy this week. (Edited on Monday to add: Looks like there is a possibility he will get to go home soon!)



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Susan said...

Lots of info in this post!! Great bike for Pumpkin. I'm impressed your kids have their own bubble house :o)