Monday, December 3, 2007


Gosh, life has gotten away from me! It's been busy! One day this week I had 63 posts in my reader to catch up on!

So, since I use my blog to keep up with family as well as a "history" for myself to look back at - I'll try to hit some highlights of what we've been up to:

Thanksgiving was wonderful! It was just the four of us, but we had a turkey and all the "fixin's" of sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, Sister Schube*rt rolls - um, um, good! I've been watching too much Food Channel again, and tried an Alton Brown recipe that included brining the turkey. I've never done that, but I was really pleased with the results and I'm sure I'll do it again. Yummy! It was a relaxing weekend. WeaverDad and I both took 4 entire days off and we had some great family time.

WeaverDad loves pecan pie - which I evidentially have not made for him since we moved to Colorado 7 years ago!! (I know, what a bad wife I am!) Because... when I made it, it boiled in the oven, bubbled over, and never set. After some internet research (seriously, what DID people do before the internet), I discovered that since the boiling temperature is lower at high-altitude, you cannot add as much sugar to the recipe or you get the results I did. But, there was time to try the new, high-altitude recipe I found online, and my husband loved it! So much, in fact, that he asked me to make it again this Sunday. Ah, success!

Since Thanksgiving, I've gotten 2 new clients. So, I've been running a little crazy!

And Christmas shopping. And making 45 Sand Art Brownie Jars for WeaverDad's co-workers and our neighbors.

And, oh yeah - I'm supposed to be homeschooling!
I agree with so many of the articles I read when investigating the concept of homeschooling. In answer to the "socialization" question, many homeschoolers shared that instead of enough socialization being an issue, the bigger issue for them was the discipline to stop socializing so much and actually get some schooling in! Oh, can I relate.

I'm struggling, but when I added up my days and checked where we are in our curriculum, I was pleased to discover I'm only 3 days behind, and I only need to finish one more chapter before Christmas. So, hopefully we can finish that up and start fresh in the new year with a new determination to be a little more consistent!

We are studying Moses right now. This chapter is about Godly leadership and, in addition to Moses, we are studying the leaders from the beginning of the United States - George Washington, Thomas Edison and Ben Franklin. Punkin is surprising me with a high level of interest in these men and what their lives were like, so I'm hopeful it will be a fun unit.

The last chapter was about inventors. We discussed how all things come from God, and Punkin made a beautiful "flipbook" about The Wright Brothers and their plane. She was fascinated with how they went from bicycles to planes. Did you know the Wright Brothers had a sister? She was part of their original plane company - so involved, in fact, that her signature is on their stock certificates. One of the brothers said that the plane would have never happened without her. The three promised each other as teenagers they would never marry and would always live together. The boys kept their promise, but the sister broke it and did marry and have children. :) These are the things I never learned in school, and I find it so fascinating to learn these things with my Punkin.

Little Man is learning his letters. He has been watching lots of Letter Factory while Punkin and I talk about inventors and George Washington. (He's a little young to care about these things yet!) So, he has now learned to recognize all the letters and knows the sounds as well. He wants to read so badly so he can be like his big sister.

I've decided that the math curriculum we have been using does not have enough structure for me as the teacher. So, I've ordered a new one called Singapore Math, and it should be here soon. I hope it is successful for us and we can get back on track.

So, there's the news. Interesting, huh? ha!

I'm taking another short blogging break until December 12th or 13th - it's just that crazy time of year! Hope all of your Christmas preparations are coming along well!


Christy said...

reading your post makes me excited abotu homeschooling next year!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed this Weaver Mom. I loved hearing The Wright Brothers had a sister. Now I never learned that and we've even visit Kitty Hawk and done the tour!!! I love it that I learn a little along with your kids!!!

Heidi Jo said...

ya know, i miss those who don't update and comment as regularly...but i totally understand. not everyone is as good at multi-tasking as myself. ha ha. what i meant is, not everyone else is as good at watching things go undone while they waste precious me.

enjoy your break...but you are missed.

Heather K said...

interesting post! You've been busy! sounds like you've been having fun though.
I've also been busy and neglecting the blog....too much going on to take the time to sit and gather my thoughts enough to put something sensible on there to read!! My mom visited for 2 weeks so she got Janelle's schooling done while here! It was such an incredible treat! she kept us caught up! yippee!

Just Mom said...

What?! There are more important things in life than blogging every day??!! ;-D

I'm thankful that all I'm doing this year is homeschooling a preschooler -- who learns quickly. We fall behind schedule, but then catch up fairly quickly.

I'm interested in learning what you use to help your children learn to read. My son sure is showing signs that he wants to learn. Please e-mail me when you get the chance.

Michelle said...

I'm with you...I realized it had been two weeks since my last post. We are a little behind with school too, but a seasoned homeschool mom once told me that if you get behind, just turn the page in your teacher's manual and magically you are caught up. (Now I just need to make sure I don't do it all the time.)

See you in a week!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks so much for your comment and especially for your prayers!!

Michelle said...

Just checking in to tell you I keep checking in!

sahmqueen said...

I wish I had your energy. Could you send some to TX? Also, do you have any suggestions for my 4 year old in regards to pre-school curriculem? I have done Abeka in the past, but he is not ready for their ABC123 yet. To top it off, he is a lefty, which seems harder to teach how to hold a pencil correctly. Glad you're back.

sahmqueen said...

I had another question. Do you have a good Bible curriculum that you do with your young kids? My husband and I want to start doing something on a regular basis with our 6 and 4 year old, but haven't found anything that fits.

Lori said...

I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!!