Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, I finally made it to 100 posts! I decided to participate in the "100 things about me" on my 100th post - mostly in honor of the fact that they are my favorite posts to read on other's sites. :)

So, here goes:
(And, for the record, I did try my very best to make this actual show NUMBERS! I went to Leigh Ann's cool site recommendation and learned the html and everything. Numbered lists is clicked in my compose screen, I added type="1" after the ordered list command just to be sure, the preview shows the numbers -- but when I actually publish it, the numbers go away and this funky symbol appears, and I can't figure out why. If you know why, please tell me so I can fix it. :) )

  1. I was born in TN.
  2. On Memorial Day (That's why I'm so memorable. **wink** I know: ha, ha, ha.)
  3. It rained - a LOT on the day I was born. At least that's what I've been told.
  4. My little brother is 16 months younger than I am and we were only a year apart in school.
  5. I graduated from high school in the same town I was born in.
  6. I'm 6 feet tall.
  7. I'm the shortest of my immediate family.
  8. I go by my middle name.
  9. I was raised in a Christian family.
  10. I've been a Christian as long as I can remember.
  11. My mother teaches 10th grade English.
  12. My dad is retired, but he used to teach music appreciation, band & chorus to 6th, 7th & 8th graders.
  13. The first night I spent at a hotel was in middle school. I was on a math team and we got to go to Nashville for a competition.
  14. I was part of a close knit group of girls through middle school and high school. I still keep in touch with 2 of them.
  15. My favorite movie in high school was "Dangerous Liaisons." I still think it is incredibly well written.
  16. I loved Girl Scout Camp. I went for 13 years - 10 as a camper, 2 as a counselor, and 1 as a lifeguard for a special canoe trip.
  17. I played flute in the band.
  18. My hair was down to my waist. (This was the 80s people - and I've never had a perm!) My senior year of high school I had a small braid behind my right ear that I wore as a good luck charm for every band performance that season. I had a 2 measure piccolo solo. It would echo in the stadium, and I loved it.
  19. I made a 31 on my ACT. My little brother made a 33. Yeah, he's crazy smart. :)
  20. My first job was at a bridal store. They sold bridal gowns and I cleaned a lot of fine china.
  21. I was in my senior play. I played the daughter of a rich woman, and I was trying to get my mother committed so I could have her money. In other words, I played a lovely person (Not!). My dad told me the next time I was in a play, he hoped my role would be as a maid. I guess I was bringing some of that unpleasantness home with me. he he.
  22. I graduated high school 6th in my class of 240, but I was the last girl to receive my diploma because we were arranged by height. (And yes, my brother beat me - he graduated 3rd.)
  23. My grandmother took me on a cruise to celebrate graduating from high school.
  24. Getting to Florida to go on the cruise was the first time I was on an airplane. (The first time either of my parents flew on a commercial air flight was to come see Punkin when she was born.)
  25. I went to college at Mississippi State. (and I loved it!)
  26. I majored in business, and minored in drama
  27. I was in a sorority (and I loved it!).
  28. I wanted to be a manager of small stage theater or a wedding coordinator
  29. One of my roommates was from Denmark
  30. Two were from Mississippi.
  31. One was from Alabama. She was my best friend in college, and I still keep in touch with her.
  32. I once had a huge crush on a boy that was only 5'7".
  33. I worked at DisneyWorld my sophomore year of college. I worked at a fast food restaurant in the Polynesian resort.
  34. Disneyworld has an apartment complex especially for those on the College Program (as I was), and those that work in the International Pavilion at Epcot. So, my apartment-mates were from Norway, France and England. There was also one other American, and I still keep in touch with her.
  35. I shared a room with the girl from France, but I think I only saw her awake twice in 3 months. She worked from 7-3 and I worked from 3-11. Since I spoke very little French and she spoke very little English - it was probably just as well.
  36. I still have a tape of a French band that she gave me.
  37. The girl from Norway was a complete neat freak.
  38. For the co-op to count as college credit, you had to be part of a weekly seminar. My seminar was on "Managing Creativity." They talked extensively about the Disney culture and how you can run a business that gets things done, and foster an environment of creativity. It was fascinating.
  39. I can still name the 7 dwarfs - Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful & Grumpy. (Two S's, Two D's and 3 emotions.)
  40. I was only 19, and I learned a lot. I would do it again - but only once.
  41. One semester I took 21 hours of classes, was in a play, stage managed a play, directed a play, and was treasurer of my sorority (which took an amazing amount of time. ) I slept 3 hours every other night for weeks. That was the semester I learned how to say "no".
  42. I believe that God's presence feels very immediate on a beach at sunset.
  43. I lived with my grandmother for 2 summers.
  44. I worked at a bank for both summers.
  45. One summer I was a fill-in teller.
  46. And the other summer, I checked all the mortgage loan files to make sure there was current copy of the homeowner's insurance and that the bank was listed as lienholder on the policy. Don't you want to run right out and get that job?
  47. I worked at Kroger my last year of college
  48. I'm generally a night owl.
  49. I learned to sew from my roommate's mother (from Alabama). She taught me that clothes always look better with a lining, if you are sewing with expensive material sew a muslin first, and always do exactly what the directions tell you to unless you really know what you are doing.
  50. I love to sing.
  51. I moved to Atlanta after I graduated from college.
  52. I met WeaverDad the first week I was there. More here.
  53. My first job was at a bridal store selling wedding dresses & formalwear.
  54. I had a car accident on my way to my first day of work.
  55. I lived in a basement apartment of a chiropractor and his wife. After living in the sorority house with 40 women, it was wonderful to have a place of my own.
  56. I'm not a very good salesperson.
  57. I had my second car accident on the way to a job interview.
  58. I have a metal plate on my collar bone. Only once has it set off the metal detectors at the airport.
  59. My second job was as the receptionist for an interior design firm that specialized in country clubs.
  60. The night after WeaverDad asked me to marry him, a tree fell on my car.
  61. The diamond fell out of my engagement ring when I was trying to get part of the tree off my car. I found it. I bought insurance for it that day. WeaverDad still wanted to marry me. :)
  62. We got married in 2006. More here.
  63. We came to Colorado for our honeymoon.
  64. I got promoted to purchasing agent at the interior design firm.
  65. I had a fender bender in a parking lot. The car behind me and I backed out at the same time.
  66. WeaverDad worked for Delta so we had flight benefits.
  67. One of my good friends is an opera singer and she had a contract with the Lyric Opera in Chicago. Once I got to go for the weekend and go to the opera, and a special fundraiser night which was sort of like a variety show. The opera singers sang things they liked. It was a fabulous night.
  68. I would always pick chocolate over a salty snack.
  69. I have hypothyroidism.
  70. The first summer we were married, I had a bad car accident with a high school friend in the car with me. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and missed 10 weeks of work. She was there to work at the Atlanta Olympics, but only got to go one day.
  71. In case you were counting, yep - that was 5 car "incidents" in a year and a half. I have post-traumatic stress from car accidents. I would probably still not be driving, except WeaverDad said that I had to go to work and he wasn't taking me. Can you feel the love? Actually, it was loving - but in that "good for you" kind of way that "doesn't feel pleasant at the time." I'm so grateful now.
  72. I've been accident free for 11 years today. (July 20)
  73. I still don't like suicide lanes, parking lots, or any other situation where there are lots of cars and everyone is going different directions. I don't like driving in the snow. And I get very distressed when I see kids not in car seats.
  74. We bought our first house in Atlanta after 1 year of marriage. I was only 25.
  75. I love that house!
  76. I changed jobs again, and became the administrative assistant to the Spiritual Life Director and the Personnel Director of a international mission sending agency. It was my favorite job ever and some days I still miss it.
  77. Once, I helped organize a conference in Thailand. And I got to go!
  78. Thailand is a beautiful country. One of the other staff members knew a missionary there, and he took several of us out to get a massage one night. It was a 2 hour massage, and even with a 100% tip it was only $14. They gave us outfits which were nice, but they were not designed for 6 foot tall women! I looked pretty funny. But, hey - I got a 2 hour massage for $14.00!
  79. I'm a certified diver.
  80. WeaverDad and I once got to go to Aruba. The food was outrageously expensive, but the diving was gorgeous. We got to do a night dive, which terrified me - but it was beautiful.
  81. The first time I went skiing was in Utah. It was just a few months after my last accident and I was so scared. But, I loved it! I've only gotten to go once since we moved here but I'm hopeful now that we are done with the pregnant & nursing phase I might get to go this winter.
  82. We moved to Colorado in 2000. First, we found a house, then WeaverDad found a job. We didn't know a soul. It was a great move for us!
  83. We were apart for 5 weeks.
  84. We like to mountain bike. We went mountain biking soon after we got here. We barely made it 3 miles because of the altitude! It was still fun, and the scenery was amazing. I have only been on my bike once since Punkin was born. How sad is that!?
  85. I got a job as an administrative assistant for a Christian radio show.
  86. I got pregnant with Punkin within weeks.
  87. The place where I worked had only 7 people under the age of 35. I really struggled my first trimester because my body was making extra blood for the altitude and extra blood for the pregnancy. It was so tired sometimes I had to concentrate on sitting upright at my desk! The ladies I worked with thought I had some terrible sickness and would give me advice about eating right, etc... I remember being amazed that no one guessed. (I had been married 5 years and was 28 years old.) They all laughed when we announced.
  88. I'm a drug-free childbirth crazy lady. It was a great choice for me.
  89. Punkin was born in 2001. More here.
  90. I love being a stay-at-home mom.
  91. I was on the pastor search committee for our church.
  92. We had a miscarriage. It broke my heart.
  93. We moved again in 2003. I was pregnant with SnugBug but didn't know it yet. I started feeling ill the Tuesday after we moved on Saturday. We had lots of boxes for a very long time. :)
  94. SnugBug was born in 2004. More here. :)
  95. We decided not to send Punkin to preschool. The neighbors thought we were strange.
  96. We decided not to send Punkin to school, but homeschool instead. The neighbors think we are VERY strange.
  97. We changed churches. It was a very hard change for me, but it was a good change for us.
  98. I started my bookkeeping business in 2005. I've been amazed at its growth.
  99. I loved the TV show Everwood. I still miss it.
  100. I discovered blogging. And I love it!
Whew! You know what? I haven't thought about my "pre-kid" life in awhile. This was a fun trip down memory lane. :)


Momma Roar said...

Are you sure that was 100? Since you didn't have any numbers ;-)

That was so fun and easy to read! I think we'll be going to Vermont this year to ski :( I'm excited to ski but sad we won't be going to CO - it has something to do with T's sister who has 5 kids and wants to bring them all along.

I can relate to the driving - I didn't want to go through the intersection where I had my accident - but T showed me his tough love - these crazy men of ours.

This was a joy to read, thanks for sharing 100!

dcrmom said...

This is one of the most interesting 100 Things I've ever read! You have a lot of experiences for your age, wow!

Penless Thoughts said...

Great read Weaver Mom!!!1 I always love these and yours was fantastic. A lot of life you've lived already!!! And a very good one :o)

Penless Thoughts said...

P.S. You were one of the first to read my new blog when I started and leave me a comment. I'm so grateful to you for that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it! I learned much about you! I do wish you had a name though :)
Isn't Aruba wonderful! I've only been there once for my 40th birthday, but it was a week I will never forget. Pool boys, fruit on a stick and snorkeling in fantastic waters. Oh, and breakfast everyday on the beach, ahhhh.
Thanks for sharing!
PS...thanks for the sweet comment you sent through MR to me. It meant very much to me :)

sahmqueen said...

I would love to hear more about your church move. That is so hard. We did it ourselves, after being in ministry in the first one. We actually had to meet with our pastor and his wife and have the "We're leaving talk" at the Cheesecake Factory. It was brutal.

Jane-Jane said...

Thailand... i LOVE it there! If I could get my husband to go, I would move in a heart beat! And the massages!

Aruba was one of the stops we made on our cruise... thankfully we didn't have to by anything but some refreshments. I LOVED the beach there!

Tracy said...

My first time to your site, and I read all 100. Thanks for visiting me. I hope that you'll be back!

sahmqueen said...

Thank you for the sweet compliment. You made my day. Read ya soon!

Sincerely Anna said...

Thanks for visiting my site the other day - I got a big kick out of reading your 100. When you wrote you were accident free for so many years now...I sighed a sigh relief for you! You've been through a lot!

I saw that you used the word spirited to describe your dd (in your sidebar). Does that have anything to do with the book Raising Your Spirited Child? I thought that was a very helpful book for us and I would DEFINITELY describe my son as spirited!