Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Recap

I've done this the last couple of years, and I really like it. It's nice to review the year, and again, I'm amazed how many highlights this hits.

Directions: Post the first sentence of your first blog post of each month. You can also add a favorite picture from each month.

This year, Musings of A Housewife is hosting a carnival, so I've linked up to her as well. Check it out!

Punkin playing Ode to Joy with her teacher (at her piano recital.)

All the cousins!
Highlights from our 2008 Christmas (just a little late!)

Little Man still draws these faces!

Waiting for Dad..

Tax Day is over.

Hi Everyone! This is Little Man. I've been taking lots of pictures with Mom's camera lately, and we thought it would be fun to show you around how I see the world.

Almost done with homeschool for the year!

My in-laws are visiting now.

It's late. There is already no way that I'm getting up for my morning workout, so I might as well stay up a little later and blog.

no posts! The horror! *wink


Here's the thing about vacation - it's incredibly hard to come home.

I'm going through our pictures for the year to make a photo album for my Grandma (shh!).

Because of the constant begging, anyone at our house would believe that we are LATE, Itellyou LATE getting the tree up, when, in fact, it is barely December.


Devildogwife said...

These are fun. As I was looking at yours, I kept thinking "I remember that". lol! It's hard to believe that some of the events took place a year ago!! Have a great New Years Day!

Susan said...

Enjoyed your recap.

Just Mom said...

Happy New Year, Weavermom.

So, did you resolve to post something every month now? ;-D

weavermommom said...

I loved seeing the pictures again--(although I still have reservations about the mohawk!) Keep posting

Michelle said...

Happy New Year to you! Loved the recap!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Good stuff! LOVE that picture of the ballet dancer :)